Cleaning Instructions for Chandeliers

Cleaning Instructions

Before cleaning, always disconnect electricity!

Cover the area below the chandelier with plastic sheet to protect against water.

If possible, lower the chandelier to convenient working height.

After cleaning, allow the chandelier to dry overnight before re-connecting.

Standard cleaning every 1-3 months

Prepare washing solution with very hot water and 3-5 drops of mild crystal washing detergent per 1 liter of water. Rinse the whole chandelier thoroughly using suitable pressure-pump sprayer. (Available in home-use sizes in garden stores, larger sizes in well-sorted home improvement stores.)


Be attentive to crevices and the typical hard-to-reach places. If necessary, assist with a soft cloth or a brush.

Repeat the process with very hot clear water to remove traces of detergent. Very hot water is less likely to leave nasty water stains. If hardness of local water is very high use distilled water for this step. (Available in pharmacies and drug stores.)

Thorough cleaning every 6-12 months

This process is only necessary if not performed regularly as outlined above. It involves the same steps as above but repeatedly. Persistent stains will have developed at specific locations and will require special care as outlined below.

After 12 or more months, extreme soiling (kitchen, smoking room, outside location, well-aired rooms…) will leave stains that will require intensive treatment that only true dedication or professional help (especially with larger fixtures) can vanquish. In some cases (especially crystals) will have to be removed for efficient cleaning.


Special care

Wax stains from metal candlesticks:

 Pour boiling water directly from a water cooker. If necessary, use a soft scrubber or stiff-bristled brush. Be careful not to scratch the metal parts that are lacquered! With crystal parts, let the water cool down a bit.

Fly droppings or tar on crystal:

Use ethyl alcohol or spirit by rubbing individually with a soft cloth. Do not use alcohol on metal parts that are lacquered! Some fixtures might be surprisingly suitable to be put in a dishwasher. Only a minority of items is unsuited but please check with Kaiservilla before trying.

Long chains of crystal:

If correctly linked you can sidle from top down thoroughly with a soft lint-free cloth.

Leaf gold:

This is highly sensitive surface. Clean only with spray and do not rub on stains.

Natural surface:

Finishes that allow natural oxidation (not lacquered) may be cleaned with suitable material cleaning agent. (E.g. silver polish for silver) Note that this intends to remove natural darkening so nature of surface will be changed in places and will lead to spotty surface if not applied homogenously.

General remarks

Refrain from using any abrasive substances or scraping tools!

Do not use so-called “chandelier sprays”! These will damage all metal parts with time and will quickly affect the linkage of the crystals.

Regular dusting off (1-2 per month) will stretch cleaning intervals substantially. (Use traditional feather dusters or sophisticated high-pressure spray cans.)

Standard cleaning of residential-sized chandeliers takes a few hours; larger chandeliers may require a whole day. Thorough cleaning will take a day for smaller chandeliers; large chandeliers may require substantial disassembly to perform cleaning.

Kaiservilla regularly offers cleaning services to local customers in Saudi. International services are prohibitively costly but advanced timing (1-2 months) can make it feasible when combined with other activities in the specific region.